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Which lab can you turn to for a pesticide analysis of fruit?

It does not matter in which food sector your company operates. You can always contact Primoris for a pesticide analysis of fruit or vegetables. This applies to supermarkets, that need to be able to guarantee at all times that the pesticide levels in their fruit are in order, but also to animal feed companies. The use of pesticides is, after all, highly regulated. Certain pesticides that used to be commonplace are now banned. However, it is not easy to be aware of every new legislation. That is why you can call on a specialist such as Primoris for a comprehensive analysis of your food in accordance with the most recent legislation.

Have your sample collected

For a pesticide analysis of food, Primoris makes it possible to collect your samples. That is an interesting service. If you want to use it, you have to register your sample on their website, but this is usually quite easy. You can also have other substances analysed, such as mycotoxins. These are a type of mold that is best avoided. The presence of heavy metals can also be examined by the specialists of the laboratory.

Do not hesitate to ask questions

As a supermarket or animal feed distributor, it is in your best interest to have a pesticide analysis done of your fruit or vegetables. In the first place to be legally in order, but also to avoid risks. For example, if one of your customers suffers serious health damage, the consequences for a supermarket can be quite serious. Primoris has been working with a number of supermarkets for years. In other words, you can count on their expertise and assume that everything will be handled correctly. If you have any questions about the possibilities of the analyses, you can always ask the staff members at the lab. They will be happy to explain them to you.