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Why you should integrate non-destructive material characterization

When it comes to impulse excitation techniques, non-destructive material characterization might be one of the best technical solutions for you and your company. With this technique, it becomes easier to analyse and determine the elastic characteristics and friction of the chosen material during your work process. Non-destructive material characterization is perfectly suitable for using the shear Modulus, Young’s modulus and Poisson’s ratio for example. Learn more about the friction of rectangular shaped bars, disc-shapes objects and more. Are you curious about how to use non-destructive material characterization? The professionals of IMCE, based in Belgium, are glad to tell you all the details you should know about this specific method.

The method behind this technique

Non-destructive material characterization is based on tapping a sample or product. With a small object, the vibration can be recorded via a specialized microphone or a professional laser vibrometer. Trough the vibration, we can learn more about the frequency of the sample. With non-destructive material characterization, the resonant frequency makes it easier to analyse the elastic characteristics and overall quality of the chosen material. But that’s not the only benefit of this working method. Above all, the temperature range is large, it is easily accessible for companies and the technique does not require a slow production time. At IMCE, they will help you to install non-destructive material characterization for you and your company.

Ask for more details about this method

Do you want to explore the benefits of non-destructive material characterization yourself? The professionals of the company will tell you more about their specific techniques and personalised approach for your business. Get started with a collaboration or contact them, they have an answer to all your questions. Leave your details via the online contact form, send them an e-mail or phone them when you have the chance.