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Plus sized window mannequins

When you get to know the company BONAMI that is situated at Aalter, in Belgium, and you view their creative works, you will be convinced that this is exactly what you want. This exceptional company is leader in the creation and manufacturing of window mannequins in ever style, shape, colour and visualisation that you can think of. Besides the common known model sized mannequins, this companies expertise lays in creating plus size female mannequins with a full body as well. They represent the modern women that adore their body in every state.

Represent power positivity with plus sized mannequins

Power positivity is more and more the topic story of the current fashion industry. So why would you even hesitate to display your collection on the full body female mannequins with a beautiful elegance and unique appearance that this company makes. Every single one of their designs goes in line with the vision and story of your company. In this way, you can be certain that your plus sized mannequins will turn out just the way you imagined it or even more beautiful. Choose for window mannequins with an abstract style or go for mannequins that are manufactured out of fabric. Or decide to use very realistic full body female mannequins. Just make your desires clear and BONAMI will be able to turn your wishes into reality.

Get amazed

Decide to take a look at the website of this outstanding company and get inspired by their plus sized window mannequins. You can go to their showroom as well if you prefer to take a look at the models in real life. Let the people of this company guide you in this process and get exquisite results! Get to know them and their way of working. You will be amazed and will never be wanting anything else.