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The advantages of a 5D bend

When you are planning to construct a pipeline that will handle seawater or other corrosive substances? Then you may want to make use of a 5D bend. This is a very thick bend, which is much larger than a standard size bend. Because of this larger size, a 5D bend is much better suited to handle corrosive substances than, for instance a 3D bend. Therefore, this type of bend is often used in maritime or off-shore projects. A 5D bend due its thickness is much harder to produce than, for instance, a 3D bend. However,, the online expert at pipes and parts has them readily available at their website. They can also elaborate on the available models.

A barred tee for safe maintenance

When you are working on a large pipeline project, then you definitely need a failsafe in your system that allow for smoother maintenance. A barred tee is such a failsafe. A barred tee is a special type of pipefitting, that has a cage-like bar structure in it. This allows maintenance pigs to freely move within the pipe, but is stopped and prevented from flowing into areas it is not intended to go to. This is very useful if you have a pipeline that branches out into smaller branches, as a maintenance pig could clog this branch pipe. Are you interested in the usage of barred tee for your system? is an expert on many different types of pipe fittings. They carry a selection of barred tees as well.  

The leading expert on pipelines

The construction of a pipeline can be very difficult, as there are many different types of substances that can be carried and there is a wide selection of products available. Which is the most suited for your project? For any type of pipeline question or construction, you can contact They are the leading expert on online pipeline supplies and parts. Do you want to know more about a 5D bend or a barred tee? Their website has extensive product data available for each product. However, the specialists of their helpdesk are more than happy to help you with any questions that you may have.