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The very best when it comes to gold nanoparticles

Do you wish to work with gold nanoparticles, or gold sols? To prepare the high-quality gold conjugate, you need to have particles that have a uniform size and highly adsorptive surfaces. The sold sols by Aurion from Wageningen, the Netherlands, are prepared according to their own unique production protocols. This allows for the sol particles that have the same narrow size to distribute and excellent adsorption in the Conventional Immunogold Reagents.

Carboxyl functionalized gold nanoparticles

When looking for excellent gold nanoparticles that are carboxyl functionalized, look no further than the excellent offerings from Aurion. These experts are the best when it comes to gold nanoparticles and immunogold silver staining. The polyethylene glycol-carboxyl stabilized gold particle solutions are based on defined particle sizes. These sizes are 6, 10 and 15nm. The production process is done wholly in-house, to guarantee the quality  you desire. The products, the gold sol and the immunogold silver staining, therefore have a very narrow size distribution. This allows for optimal conjugation properties.

Excellent silver enhancements

If you are looking for the best silver enhancements, then you do well to order your immunogold silver staining from this company. With advanced technique and reagents for light and microscopy of electrons, the silver enhancements are excellent for immunogold staining method. The metallic silver is deposited at the site of colloidal gold with little to no specific background deposition. The main features of this are that they are specifically designed for efficiency and homogeneity. The R-Gent SE-EM Silver Enhancement reagent is excellent for its reduced light sensitivity. This means that it does not require special precautions or other preparations. In low viscosity, this reagent still works perfectly well in your scientific venture. If you are confused or curious about what the products of Arion from the Netherlands can do for your scientific process, try out the workshop provided by these leading-edge people in the field of enhancements and gold nanoparticles.